Age Group Championships

Age Group World Championships

Age Group World Championships

The HYROX World Championships are the pinnacle of each HYROX season, where the best athletes from all around the world come together to battle it out for the highly sought after title of the Age Group World Champion.

The qualification process for the World Championships is simple. Athletes can qualify at any of the HYROX global races of that season by achieving one of the top placings in their respective age group and division across any of the HYROX global races of that season, with the number of qualifying spots available at each race dependent on the total number of participants.

If an athlete who has already qualified & registered for the World Championships qualifies again at another race, this qualification place will automatically be reassigned to the next ranking athlete in the roll-down. All qualified athletes will be notified of the World Championship qualification via email, and will have 48 hours to secure their spot. It they do not secure their spot within this time-frame, their qualification will be reassigned to the next athlete in the rolldown.

The history of the HYROX World Championships:

2019: Oberhausen, Germany
2021: Leipzig, Germany
2022: Las Vegas, USA
2023: Manchester, UK
2024: Nice, France

Become US or European Champion

The HYROX Open championships are compromised of two highly competitive races in Europe and the United States. These unique races give our athletes the opportunity to become the European/US Champion of their Age Group and represent their country whilst doing so.

Unlike the World Championships, the two Open Championships do not require qualification to enter and are open to all of our athletes. Also unlike the World Championships, all athletes will compete in the Open Weights Divisions.

This means: All athletes that enter an OPEN championship race compete in the OPEN weights division.

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a newcomer to the sport, the HYROX Open Championships are the perfect gateway to put your fitness to the test against others in your respective age group and push yourself to new heights.

Season 23/24

  • HYROX Open European Championships 2024: Vienna, Austria
  • HYROX Open U.S. Championships 2024: Washington (DC), USA
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