Our Sport is Hyrox

HYROX is fitness racing

HYROX is fitness racing

As phrased by our community themselves: ‘Some race to compete, whilst others race to complete.’

Whilst the race format of HYROX may look intimidating from the outside, all the unique elements of our sport allow HYROX to truly be a sport for everybody.

On that note, it is time for you to scroll down and meet one of our HYROX athletes, Marcus Ellwell, and learn about his incredible journey…

HYROX for everybody

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Marcus Ellwell, a 40-year old father of three, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in May 2021. After undergoing emergency surgery to remove the tumour, Marcus had lost the ability to even lift a spoon to his mouth and faced life in a wheelchair. Despite the devastating diagnosis, Marcus determinedly taught himself to walk again, and in October 2022, competed in Men’s Doubles at HYROX Birmingham.

Marcus entered HYROX to have a goal to look forward to and work towards during his ongoing battle. Since his race, he has now found a new sport, a new community & a new passion.

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